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Saison 2

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Gilligan's Island Season 2

September. 16,1965
| Comedy Family
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This is a list of episodes from the second season of Gilligan's Island.


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Épisode guide de Gilligan's Island Saison 2

Episode 32 - Meet the Meteor
First Aired: April. 28,1966

A huge meteor lands on the island, causing everything nearby to age very rapidly. The Professor determines the rapid aging is being caused by strong cosmic rays (he makes this determination by using his bamboo Geiger counter!).

Episode 31 - Mr. and Mrs.???
First Aired: April. 21,1966

A radio bulletin states that the minister who married Thurston and Lovey Howell (the Reverend Buckley Norris of Boston) was a fraud, and that the Howell's marriage is actually null and void. The stress causes disagreements and separations between the Howells. In the end, it turns out that the radio announcer was at fault: While he mistakenly reported that "Buckley Norris" was the fraudulent minister, he was supposed to say "Borris Nuckley."

Episode 30 - "V" For Vitamins
First Aired: April. 14,1966

The Professor determines that the lack of vitamin C on the island threatens the health of the castaways. While watching the last of their orange seeds to protect them from the cold night air, Gilligan falls asleep and dreams that he is Jack from ""Jack in the Beanstalk.""

Episode 29 - The Friendly Physician
First Aired: April. 07,1966

A mad scientist lands on the island and takes the Castaways to his castle . . . on a nearby island . . . to perform experiments on them.

Episode 28 - Allergy Time
First Aired: March. 31,1966

The Skipper begins to itch and sneeze whenever he is around Gilligan. Soon all of the Castaways appear to be allergic to him. The Professor develops a vaccine, but it doesn't seem to work. It turns out that everyone is allergic to the papaya oil used in Gilligan's hair tonic.

Episode 27 - Ghost a Go-Go
First Aired: March. 24,1966

A ghost appears on the island and tries to scare the Castaways off. The castaways turn the tables by dressing in sheets and roaming around the island to scare the visitors off the island.

Episode 26 - Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up?
First Aired: March. 17,1966

The radio reports that Mr. Howell has been rescued and is spending all of his money. Obviously, there is an imposter! The real Mr. Howell is frantic, and offers a reward to the person who can come up with a plan to get him back to civilization. Meanwhile, the imposter falls off a luxury liner and ends up stranded on (you guessed it!) Gilligan's Island. There the imposter conks Mr. Howell on the head with a coconut, changes clothes with him, and attempts to continue his masquerade as the millionaire.

Episode 25 - Operation: Steam Heat
First Aired: March. 10,1966

Hot water spurting from beneath the island pleases the castaways as they can now have hot water piped to their huts. However, the hot water also concerns the professor since it means that increased volcanic activity may be imminent. The Professor saves the day by making a bomb from ingredients found on the island (of course!) to spike the volcano.

Episode 24 - Feed the Kitty
First Aired: March. 03,1966

A cage containing a lion washes ashore in the lagoon. After Gilligan removes a thorn from his paw, the two become pals. When the Castaways run out of food, however, Gilligan thinks the lion has consumed the Skipper.

Episode 23 - Ship Ahoax
First Aired: February. 24,1966

The Castaways begin to suffer from 'island madness' due to the isolation. The Professor attempts to come up with a plan to lift everyone's spirits.

Episode 22 - Forward March
First Aired: February. 17,1966

The Castaways are frightened as the sounds of battle, including hand grenades and machine guns, rock the island. The culprit turns out to be a gorilla who has found an old WWII weapons cache.

Episode 21 - Gilligan's Living Doll
First Aired: February. 10,1966

An experimental robot launched by the Air Force parachutes onto the island. The professor reprograms the robot to walk to Hawaii ("one hundred eleven hours"), but the "lucky" rabbit's foot that Gilligan secretly stuffed into the robot causes it to malfunction upon arrival in Hawaii.

Episode 20 - Love Me, Love My Skipper
First Aired: February. 03,1966

The Howells plan a party, and Mr. Howell accidentally loses the Skipper's invitation. The others refuse to attend, believing that the Howells have intentionally snubbed the Skipper.

Episode 19 - Seer Gilligan
First Aired: January. 27,1966

Gilligan discovers an island bush that produces seeds which, when eaten, give a person the ability to read the minds of others. This leads to disaster when everyone insults each other through their honesty and thoughts.

Episode 18 - The Postman Cometh
First Aired: January. 20,1966

The Castaways hear on the radio that Mary Ann's boyfriend in Kansas is getting married. Mary Ann overhears the others talking about her, and mistakenly believes that she has been poisoned by the mushrooms she recently ate, and has only a short while left to live. A hilarious dream sequence follows, featuring the Professor sounding a lot like Cary Grant.

Episode 17 - You've Been Disconnected
First Aired: January. 13,1966

A storm washes up a Trans-continental telephone cable up into the lagoon. Once again the Castaways are given hope for a rescue, as the Professor manages to break into the cable and rig up a telephone so they can dial out for help.

Episode 16 - Not Guilty
First Aired: January. 06,1966

A crate containing coconuts is wrapped in an old Honolulu newspaper that read that one of the Castaways are being sought in a murder investigation. The castaways become suspicious of each other and decide to recreate the events of the night before they sailed, in order to solve the Randolph Blake murder case.

Episode 15 - Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue
First Aired: December. 30,1965

Erika Tiffany Smith lands on the island looking for a place to start a new resort, and a new husband.

Episode 14 - Mine Hero
First Aired: December. 23,1965

While fishing, Gilligan pulls a WWII mine out of the lagoon. When the Professor is unable to deactivate the mine, Gilligan tows it back into the lagoon, where it harmlessly explodes.

Episode 13 - Gilligan Gets Bugged
First Aired: December. 16,1965

Gilligan's thinks he is doomed after being bitten by a yellow and green bug. Soon, the other castaways are also bitten by the same bug.

Episode 12 - Don't Bug the Mosquitoes
First Aired: December. 09,1965

A popular American singing group, the Mosquitoes (Bingo, Bango, Bongo, and Irving), land on the island hoping for some quiet and relaxation on a deserted island.

Episode 11 - The Chain of Command
First Aired: December. 02,1965

The Skipper worries that something is going to happen to him, so he begins to train Gilligan to be a leader. The Skipper then disappears leaving Gilligan in charge, with predictable results!

Episode 10 - Hi-Fi Gilligan
First Aired: November. 25,1965

Gilligan's mouth becomes a radio after he is accidentally hit on the head. When their regular radio is broken, Gilligan becomes their sole source of information on the approaching typhoon.

Episode 9 - Nyet, Nyet -- Not Yet
First Aired: November. 18,1965

Two Russian Cosmonauts land on the island in their space capsule. Since the cosmonauts keep a tight guard on the space capsule, the castaways must come up with a way to smuggle one of them into the capsule in order to send back help after the cosmonauts are rescued.

Episode 8 - Agonized Labor
First Aired: November. 11,1965

Gilligan and the Skipper hear a radio broadcast telling of the collapse of the Howell financial empire. The castaways attempt to help them develop skills in order to compete in the working world.

Episode 7 - Castaways Pictures Presents
First Aired: November. 04,1965

The Castaways make a silent movie in the hopes that it will be discovered by someone who will rescue them.

Episode 6 - Quick Before It Sinks
First Aired: October. 28,1965

The Professor thinks that the island is sinking, which causes the Castaways to panic. As it turns out, Gilligan has mistakenly moved the Professor's measuring stick, so the panic was a false alarm.

Episode 5 - The Sweepstakes
First Aired: October. 14,1965

Gilligan has the winning ticket for a South American sweepstakes.

Episode 4 - Smile, You're on Mars Camera
First Aired: October. 07,1965

A NASA satellite with a TV camera, accidentally lands on the island instead of the intended target: Mars. The castaways try to communicate their S.O.S. when the camera is operational. However, with the help of a Gilligan goof-up, the castaways are covered with glue and feathers, and the NASA scientists mistakenly believe they are seeing the first proof of life on Mars.

Episode 3 - The Little Dictator
First Aired: September. 30,1965

The exiled president of a revolution-torn country visits the island.

Episode 2 - Beauty Is As Beauty Does
First Aired: September. 23,1965

Gilligan suggests a beauty contest to decide which of the three women will become "Ms. Castaway." Mr. Howell attempts to sabotage the other contestants by spreading glue on the stage before Mary Ann's big dance scene, and by shooting spit-wads at Ginger while she performs. The Professor blows pepper at the stage when it is Mrs. Howell's turn. Then, when all the competitions are complete, the final decision rests with the judge.....Gilligan!

Episode 1 - Gilligan's Mother-in-Law
First Aired: September. 16,1965

A native family from another island comes seeking a husband for their lovely, large, robust daughter.


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